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The Bridgehampton Group

About Us

Ready to deliver integrated financial and investment advice, the Bridgehampton Group combines professionals in institutional money management, financial & estate planning, operations and client service.

In response to the increasing complexity of our clients’ financial affairs, we have thoughtfully assembled a diverse and seasoned team of wealth management specialists within Ingalls & Snyder.  

The Bridgehampton Group offers clients consistency, personalization, and intimacy. We take the time to deeply understand your specific situation and goals and to craft recommendations personalized for you. We help you to articulate your goals – and we provide you with the resources to achieve them. Our culture, which avoids market fads and high-pressure sales tactics, is rooted in long-lasting relationships. Many of our client relationships span three or more generations with the same family. We also work extensively with young entrepreneurs and successful professionals seeking strategic estate-planning advice and management of their liquid assets.