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eDocuments is Ingalls & Snyder’s portal providing paperless online retrieval of official account documents including:
  • Monthly Statements
  • > Transaction Confirmations
  • >  Notices
  • >  Tax Documents (1099s)
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If you have not enrolled in eDocuments, or wish to turn off paper copies, please contact your Account Executive to register electronically.
eAccess is Ingalls & Snyder’s portal providing the following information as of the previous day’s close of business for your account(s):
  • Total Account Value
  • >  Holdings
  • >  Year to Date Gains and Losses
  • >  Year to Date Transactions
    > Prior Year’s Gains and Losses
The DAF Portal is our secure site for managing your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) account at Ingalls & Snyder jointly with GiveClear Foundation. Contributions to a DAF account become the property of GiveClear and are irrevocable. From the DAF Portal you can:
  • View the daily value of your DAF Account.
  • >   Set up contributions of Cash and Securities from another Ingalls account to your DAF Investment Account.
  • > Research charitable organizations to receive grants from your DAF.
  • > Initiate grants to selected charitable organizations.
  • >  Review your DAF’s charitable activity.
  • >  Download tax receipts for contributions.