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Custom Portfolio Management

Personalized portfolios deliver benefits instead.

Custom investment management services are at the core of what we deliver to clients. Whether it be through individual accounts, retirement accounts, education savings accounts, trusts, or charitable fund vehicles, our bespoke investment management service is tailored to each client’s financial needs and goals.

Our process starts with a conversation. We seek to understand your financial goals, concerns and priorities.  We ask about your willingness to take investment risk to earn higher rewards.  We then analyze your current portfolio to determine how it can be better aligned with those understandings.  The result is a set of investment strategy recommendations that we believe will best fit your needs.

We believe in active portfolio management.  We build portfolios for clients based on our own fundamental research and securities analysis, and invest across multiple asset classes, including U.S. and global equities, taxable and tax-exempt bonds, listed options, private placements, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. The ability to provide clients with clarity about their portfolio holdings and fees is a point of pride for our teams.  We want our clients to understand their portfolios, the investments we have made for them, and their role in the overall picture.  We have found that this level of shared understanding leads to satisfied clients again and again.

Rather than offer a single investment approach to all clients, Ingalls & Snyder is comprised of a number of seasoned portfolio managers with individual investment styles, each of whom manages accounts for a broad range of clients. There are common tenets we all share when delivering custom portfolio management:

  • We tend to be long-term investors, and we look for securities that offer good value.
  • We believe that clients are best served when their core investments are held in individual securities directly.
  • We are not opposed to mutual funds and ETFs, but believe they work best to round out portfolios or add a unique investment exposure.

What sets us apart?

Working with Ingalls & Snyder delivers you a thoughtful, hands-on approach to money management that is often lacking from advisory relationships across the industry. We develop deep and long-term relationships with clients that allow us to remain actively involved in the management of all client portfolios – including a focus on all important aspects of your financial needs such as insurance, tax management, financial and estate planning. Perhaps most importantly, high-touch service is paramount to us; not only is your portfolio manager and team actively involved in the management of your portfolio, but rather they are actively involved in your relationship and you are able to speak directly with the people managing your money and planning.

But, Also

We believe that personalized investment management means more than just researching and trading securities.

We seek to build strong, enduring relationships with our clients, and in many cases, several generations of their families. We study each client’s financial objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, estate plans and charitable giving goals, to build and maintain a portfolio suited to their lives. We also aim to provide our clients with a high level of personal service on their account, such as they might receive from a family office.