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Fundamental Equity Advisors

Financial flexibility is at the cornerstone of our approach to stock selection.

The Fundamental Equity Advisors team seeks to identify undervalued equities using a rigorous fundamental approach to stock selection. They look for companies with strong free cash flow, attractive valuations, profit margin expansion opportunities, strong management and changing internal dynamics. The team has more than 65 years of collective investment industry experience and an established track record of managing equity portfolios for over 12 years. Each team member brings their own unique industry experience and skill set to the evaluation process, while leveraging a common, time-tested investment approach with an independent forensic accounting overlay.

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Seeks to outperform the Russell 3000 Index with an actively managed portfolio of approximately 25-60 stocks, excluding Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), with a focus on risk management.

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Seeks to outperform the Russell 2500 Index with an actively managed portfolio of approximately 25-60 small and mid cap stocks, with a focus on risk management.

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The Fundamental Equity Advisors is an investment advisory management team at Ingalls & Snyder, LLC, an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and a FINRA member broker dealer. The content in this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a general guide to investing, or as a source of any specific investment recommendation and makes no implied or express recommendation concerning the manner in which any account should be handled. Any investment program involves certain risks, including loss of principal, and no assurance can be given that any specific objective will be achieved.